Enter, Doodle-Gami


Welcome, to Doodle-Gami, home of, Doodle-Gami*. I’m still working on the entrace.

Anyway, again, welcome to my domain. I will be posting origami I have created for your enjoyment, along with some more cool stuff!

I will use all my best pieces, and in the comments of the Requests page, you can tell me what you want to see me make. Enjoy!

*Doodle-Gami was invented by Mr. Tom Angleberger. In know way do I claim the idea as my own. Go to his site, origamiyoda.com, to see his origami, as well as the origami of other Super-Folders!

Cube Dudes #1: The Cubeians of the Galaxy!!!

Yes, lame puns like the one above will be placed in every Cube Dude post. Brace yourself.

Anyway, welcome to the first of a new series of stuff here, the Cube Dudes! First, because I said I would, is the Guardians of the Galaxy, or at least almost half of them.


I decided to go with the best ones, with Star-Lord in front, Groot and Rocket Raccoon behind. I think these three are the best because Groot is an awesome tree that can manipulate his body to enormous lengths and widths, Rocket is a rodent with a giant bazooka, and Star-Lord is Chris Pratt. Need I say more? I have more individual photos;




Oh, and I made origami versions of the three too.




So, that is your first taste of the Cubed madness. So, See ya next time! And here’s some candy for your eye to chomp on while you leave:


#GrootIsEpic (If you agree, put this in your comments.)

It’s Coming….

You thought I left. Hah! I was just, hmm, vacationing is the word I’ll use. Yes, ‘vacationing’. And while I was gone, I have found the plans in some magazine for the newest form of folding. But no, no old tired 2-dimensional drab origami finger puppets. Oh no. Something with mass. Something with gravitas. Something cubed.

Now if that isn’t enough to get you excited, there’s something wrong with you. So, to hold you off for awhile, here is a preview to the sheer epicness and magnitude of my found-in-a-magazine creation:


So, my friend, do not wait up. And until the unveiling, shake this next picture around in your brain and scream at the top of your lungs,


I AM COMING SOON!!!!! Or you can say Groot. Whichever works best.

“It’s blogger-ing time!”

Check out this total-vibranium website, All doodles, all the time!

Comic Doodles

photo (48)

Hey, comic fans, it’s Comic Doodles once again with a mission for all of you. Hulk really wants more popularity, so please reblog this post showing my Etch-A-Sketch drawing of him! (Make sure to tell people to visit http://www.comicdoodles.wordpress.com when you do.) All who do will receive origami instructions for a Cyborg finger puppet! Thank you and Excelsior!

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Doodle-Gami 26: Clone Wars Encyclogami Project Wave B!


Sorry bout no posts lately. I’ve been caught up in life. It’s been unforgiving. (: So, finally, I give you Encyclogami Wave B! In this stack we have Barris Offee, Jedi apprentice to Luminara Unduli. Then there’s Commander Bly, commander under my fav Jedi, Aayla Secura. There’s the B-1 Battle Droid, the go-to soldiers of the Seppie army. Finally, Bulduga, I’ll-fated bounty hunter who dared dress-up like Cad Bane.

That’s it. See ya later!

Doodle-Gami 25: Clone Wars Encyclogami Wave A!


Welcone to CWEP. For the first wave, we have (from left to right) The epic Twi-lek Jedi who scores her place in my top favorite Jedi (And isn’t bad looking, if you know what I mean. XD) Aayla Secura! Second, we have the famed mount riders of the Republic who sounds strangely like a dog, Mr. ARF Trooper! Third, Grievous caretaker and house-maid and doctor, A-4D! And finally, the metal-armed, probably-fun-to-have-at-parties member of Cad Bane’s Senate escapade, Shahan Alama!

It was really fun to make all these guys. Aayla is based on Tyler’s design for a Twi-lek, though I doubt he used cuts, but the other three are my own design. And all my clones in here have removeable helmets! Whee!

P.S. I am not doing “Next Time” anymore. I like to surprise you guys.

Clone Wars Encyclogami Project!

Yo peeps! Sorry I haven’t been here as much, but have I got a deal for you….

I starting something inspired by SF Tyler, called the Encyclogami Project….

But I’m putting my own spin on it. It’s the CLONE WARS Encyclogami Project, making it EVEN HARDER to make the characters. I’ll be making a page soon (probably not today) where you can give me ideas for characters but they can ONLY BE from the Clone Wars. So see ya!

Next Time: Clone Wars Encyclogami Project Wave 1!

Doodle-Gami 23: Captain Barbossa! (No Pirate Week though…..)


Yo yo, everyone. Yes I still exist. No, CJ, you don’t own the site now. Anyway, here is Captain Barbossa, the greatest pirate ever seen on a Disney screen. And here he is in the paper with his famous Aztec Gold. If you want, I can make Skeleton Barbossa later, but I mean LATER. Anyway, this is the end. Bye. Oh yeah, I am going to make a new website only using my Star Wars origami. I’ll post the link when everything is ready.

Next time: Wookiee Warrior! RARRRARRRAGGGHHH!!!

Doodle-Gami 22: Dave the Origami Minion!


Coming out my shell, and going insane because I have to look through piles of origami to find a certain thing for the site, I have returned. This is the super excited minion Dave. I know, he doesn’t have his ever-present rocket launcher, but say-la-vi (and no, I don’t care at all that I spelled that wrong). Anyway, Dave is a detailed little sucker, so yeah. Bye! Don’t run into the chainsaw I placed by the door!

Next Time: (Also the start of Pirates week) Captain Barbossa!