Doodle-Gami 24: Wookiee Warrior! RAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!


And here is the Wookiee Warrior. We’ll call him Jimmy for this. Jimmy is my own design, using just a LITTLE kirigami….. and boom! My beautiful little walking carpet was born! Oh, and one little thing….. My newest site:


Doodle-Gami 23: Captain Barbossa! (No Pirate Week though…..)


Yo yo, everyone. Yes I still exist. No, CJ, you don’t own the site now. Anyway, here is Captain Barbossa, the greatest pirate ever seen on a Disney screen. And here he is in the paper with his famous Aztec Gold. If you want, I can make Skeleton Barbossa later, but I mean LATER. Anyway, this is the end. Bye. Oh yeah, I am going to make a new website only using my Star Wars origami. I’ll post the link when everything is ready.

Next time: Wookiee Warrior! RARRRARRRAGGGHHH!!!