Doodle-Gami 1: Luke Skyfolder!


Introducing Luke Skyfolder! I created him when I wrote my first story Origami Yoda EU (Monsterly Bolt site BTW), sort of as a publicity stunt. Created by yours truly, I kinda think this one is my best piece, being created not by instux, but MDO (My Own Design). Tell me what you think!

Enter, Doodle-Gami


Welcome, to Doodle-Gami, home of, Doodle-Gami*. I’m still working on the entrace.

Anyway, again, welcome to my domain. I will be posting origami I have created for your enjoyment, along with some more cool stuff!

I will use all my best pieces, and in the comments of the Requests page, you can tell me what you want to see me make. Enjoy!

*Doodle-Gami was invented by Mr. Tom Angleberger. In know way do I claim the idea as my own. Go to his site,, to see his origami, as well as the origami of other Super-Folders!