It’s Coming….

You thought I left. Hah! I was just, hmm, vacationing is the word I’ll use. Yes, ‘vacationing’. And while I was gone, I have found the plans in some magazine for the newest form of folding. But no, no old tired 2-dimensional drab origami finger puppets. Oh no. Something with mass. Something with gravitas. Something cubed.

Now if that isn’t enough to get you excited, there’s something wrong with you. So, to hold you off for awhile, here is a preview to the sheer epicness and magnitude of my found-in-a-magazine creation:


So, my friend, do not wait up. And until the unveiling, shake this next picture around in your brain and scream at the top of your lungs,


I AM COMING SOON!!!!! Or you can say Groot. Whichever works best.

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