Cube Dudes #1: The Cubeians of the Galaxy!!!

Yes, lame puns like the one above will be placed in every Cube Dude post. Brace yourself.

Anyway, welcome to the first of a new series of stuff here, the Cube Dudes! First, because I said I would, is the Guardians of the Galaxy, or at least almost half of them.


I decided to go with the best ones, with Star-Lord in front, Groot and Rocket Raccoon behind. I think these three are the best because Groot is an awesome tree that can manipulate his body to enormous lengths and widths, Rocket is a rodent with a giant bazooka, and Star-Lord is Chris Pratt. Need I say more? I have more individual photos;




Oh, and I made origami versions of the three too.




So, that is your first taste of the Cubed madness. So, See ya next time! And here’s some candy for your eye to chomp on while you leave:


#GrootIsEpic (If you agree, put this in your comments.)

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