Doodle-Gami 22: Dave the Origami Minion!


Coming out my shell, and going insane because I have to look through piles of origami to find a certain thing for the site, I have returned. This is the super excited minion Dave. I know, he doesn’t have his ever-present rocket launcher, but say-la-vi (and no, I don’t care at all that I spelled that wrong). Anyway, Dave is a detailed little sucker, so yeah. Bye! Don’t run into the chainsaw I placed by the door!

Next Time: (Also the start of Pirates week) Captain Barbossa!

Doodle-Gami 21 (LEGO Week Finale): THE LEGO WEEK FINALE!!!


FINALE OF THE LEGO WEEK IS HERE!!! Yeah, by the size of this thing, it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever posted. It is the (mostly) entire cast of the LEGO Movie, which came out today, and also that I am going to see tonight. EEEPPPIIICCC!!! These puppets were created by me and my two brothers, one of which who would like me to promote his site, Go check it out, please. From left to right, top to bottom, you know the drill: Sheriff Not-A-Robot, “Where are my Pants?” Guy, Executron, Artist, Abraham Lincoln, Benny the 1980’s Something Space Guy, Unikitty, Superman, Bad Cop/Good Cop, MetalBeard, President Business, Vitruvius, Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, Micro Manager, Another Micro Manager, Foreman Frank, Green Lantern, Sudds Backwash, Taco Tuesday Man, The Green Ninja, Marsha Queen of the Mermaids, Circus Clown, Gordon Zola, The Ghost, Wonder Woman, Robo SWAT, and Larry the Barista. To get a better look at the guys, here are more pics:



So, at long last, we are done. Since this took a lot of elbow-grease, next post may be awhile, but what the heck. Good bye.

Next Time: (by request from CJ) Origami Minion Dave!

Doodle-Gami 19 (and second of LEGO Week): The Green Ninja


Day 2 of LEGO Week, and my NINETEENTH DOODLE-GAMI!!!¬†WOOOOO!!! So this one is following the LEGO Week with Master Builder, the Green Ninja! Our friend here is folded different then Emmet, and most of my other LEGO Movie guys for that matter. When the finale on Friday comes around, you’ll see what I mean.

Next Time: My personal favorite LEGO Week-ian, Benny, the 1980’s Something Space Guy!

New Year. New Stuff.

Last year was a fine year for my Doodle-Gami. This year is gonna be even BETTER!!! There will be lots more stuff, including more Star Wars, Superheroes, Disney, LEGO Stuff, more Doodles, more stuff from my epic assistants, and BENNY, THE 1980’S SOMETHING SPACE-GUY!!!

So look for all this stuff, and more!

Doodle-Gami 18 (and first of LEGO Week): Emmet!!!


Hello everyone! This week, besides missing one day, is LEGO Week, in honor of the LEGO Movie, coming out on Friday! So, I thought it would only be fitting to start with Emmet, ordinary minifigure who is mistaken for the most extraordinary minifigure! Emmet is folded in a different style then most others, being folded like the Teen Titans from a few posts back. He is kirigami.

Quote: Hello, my name is Emmet. I’m just gonna come right out, I have no idea what’s going on. At all.

Next Time: Following LEGO Week, The Green Ninja!