Doodle-Gami 15: Santa Yoda and the Christmas Gang!


This is by far the biggest post I’ve posted. Okay, onto the ‘gami, From left to right:

Snow2-D2, Weird Ewok-Elf Hybrid Dude, Chewie the Red-nosed Wookiee, Darth Maul: Naughty/Nice Director, Gingerbread Leia, F3S-TIV3 (festive) Droid, Bulb-O’Marr Monk, The Grateful Wampa (which looks eerily like a Taun-Taun), The Mouse-iltoe Droid, Anakin Nutcracker, R5-Earmuffs, Boba Fett: Christmas Star, Han Solo in Iceonite, Jabba the Stocking, KIT (modeling kit) Fisto, General Snowflake, The Jawenguin, C-21 HIGHsinger, The three Jedi (Magi): Goldy-Wan Kenobi, Myrrh Windu, and Plo King, The Ecited Skywalker (package says ‘For: Luke, From Dad), and the Grand Finale, Santa Yoda!

Now, how much of your time did the waste? Seriously, this is basically a bunch of bad puns, with some good origami(?). Kidding!

Next Time: Meta Knight instrux for New Years! (Be warned, it’s kirigami)

Doodle-Gami 13: Teen Titans GO!


Here is the thirteenth Doodle-Gami of my first year on here, which is already coming to a close. Here are the big-headed Titans themselves.

Just so you know, I have made the Titans without giant heads, but these are better for some reason, in my opinion. You have Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Robin and Beast Boy posing for the pic. So there.

Next Time: Santa Minion!

Doodle-Gami 12: Christmas Gang!


In time for the holidays, I give you this post, which has, from left to right: Decorator Vader, Weird Elf-Ewok Hybrid thingy, Chewie the Red-Nosed Wookiee, and Snow2-D2

Second of all, I would like to give a shout-out to Whatever-Warrior, whom is a regular nowadays and whom I know in real life. Thank you for viewing, Meagan! Hope you stay for many more cycles!

And I am giving a shout-out to newly dubbed admin Zach, and seeing his site, I know he’ll not mess this site up. (Now, I might, but…)

Next time: Totally off-topic Teen Titans Go stars!



Hello!  SF Zach and origami Plo-Koon here!  This is site so stooky!  Remember to congratulate Darth Noah for his Plastic Dino origami!  Here are stooky sites you must go to: 

/ (my site)

And of course, this site!

Doodle-Gami 11: Kit Fisto!


Introducing: Jedi Master Kit Fisto! Taken straight from the doodles inside The Surprise Attack of Jabba The Puppett, comes one of the greatest Jedi of all time! He is my favorite-ist Jedi. He even died nobly; he got cut through by Lord Sidious’ golden lightsaber!

Next Time: 501st Trooper!

Doodle-Gami 10: META KNIGHT!!!!

Meta Knight

On request from AustinC, Meta Knight swoops down from his floating fortress, the Battleship Halberd. Meta Knight is a mercenary-type character from the Kirby franchise. He is easily the coolest of the group. With a cape that can turn into a pair of wings, and a helmet that guards his face, this is one, um, thing that you don’t want to mess with.

Next time: Jdi Kit Fisto!

Doodle-Gami 9: The Flash!


At the speed of light comes the fastest hero in the DC comics. He happens to be one of my favorite characters in DC, so why now make him for the fun of it? He is the second person from the Doodle-Gami logo to make a official appearance on the site. So, enjoy!
(His prodigy, Kid Flash, has already appeared on the site. Scroll down to see him)

Next time, on request from Austin: Meta Knight!

Doodle-Gami 8: Boba Fett!


This is one that I am really proud of. Boba Fett, my most favorite character in the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe, comes to Doodle-Gami. I made his armor out of a special shiny alloy. (Okay, you got me, it’s cardboard with foil taped on.) You can take the armor and helmet on and off to reveal the rarely-seen face of the bounty hunter.

Next time: The Flash!